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who dat? who dat…? I-G-G-Y


Tyler asks the real questions.
  • glitter in the air | captain swan | 3x21/3x22

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You are cloned out of an ancient fossil and taken in by a mob who claims you’re their god, and you have absolutely no idea what is happening.

Also, your main food source is probably extinct.

Uncut version here.

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Mega Blaziken

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Pokemon X and Y - New Footage!

Yveltal looks so bad a$$ in battle omg.

Fairy type? Finally, my little wide-eyed Jigglypuffing hoe can finally be very badass against dragons :3

Footage looks great, you can step on Pokemon? xD

I like the idea of Pokemon Amie too! If I can find a way to get Dialga or a legendary in there, I’ll pet them till they are satisfied with my love. 

omg i gained so much followers and i didnt know wtf


008. Wartortle by =Rock-Bomber
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New Eevee form looks so alike to Victini…


geegeet on devianart

Pokemon X and Y legendaries names confirmed: Xerneas and Yveltal

Can we take a second to notice how badass these names are?

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